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Sarah S.

I attended the 6 week Middle Management course with my 2 year old rescued dog. It was a course designed for “teenage” rebellious dogs. Nicole was the trainer and let me tell you THIS CLASS WAS AMAZING!

I had many a walk that ended in tears. Yes, tears. Granted I am an emotional girl, but walking my dog was terrible. She would lunge and bark at other dogs and people. She is 50lbs and strong, would practically pull my arm out of socket, chew on the leash, you name it. To say the least, it was embarrassing.

First day of class was tough. Nora did her usual barking, barking and more barking. But Nicole made me feel totally comfortable and hopeful of improvement in my dog. She is very empathetic, kind and knowledgeable. There was never a question we had that could stump her.

Oh, did I mention there was only 3 people/dogs in the class?!!! Ah-mazing! The class was totally customized to our needs. I got plenty of 1:1 attention. As did everyone in the class.

The class is also very positive/reward based. I never felt uncomfortable about any of the training yet I feel ready to deal with my dog in any situation now. She learned all the basic sit/down/etc, along with leash and focus training. She is doing MUCH better. No more tearful walks.

There is not much else to say except just GO HERE. If you want one of the best training courses in Chicago for your dog, go here. This place delivers, it is worth every penny!


Having never trained a dog before I knew I was out of my depth with our puppy and AnimalSense threw me my life preserver.

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