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Madeleine A.

We used a Groupon to get our puppy’s training started with AnimalSense and really loved it! We started with Puppy Preschool and our lovely trainer Terri (and about 6 other families). Terri was so patient with us and helped us develop some creative methods to train our pup. By the end of the session he had learned to sit, lay down, touch his nose to our hand, and may eye contact. We definitely had to practice consistently outside of class, which can be tough with a busy schedule, but the pay off was worth it.

After the first session was over we re-enrolled for the next class, Puppy Grade School. We were working again with Terri who remembered our pup’s strengths and weaknesses. We were in a smaller class this time, probably only about 5 other younger dogs, but there was definitely a variety of levels of experience. Since this was our dog’s second class with Terri she was able to give us some different behaviors to practice training. The only frustration we had was the class time this session. We live in the downtown area of Chicago and had to make a mid-week commute out to Oak Park. We just wished there were a few more scheduling options for the class. We did check in a few weeks ago to possibly re-enroll for a third class, and it looks like they’ve added in more sessions!

I would suggest this class to anyone looking to train their dog and better their understanding of why our dogs do what they do! Our pup is definitely one of the best trained on our block and people are always asking us if we shipped him off to some expensive training school. This was WAY better!

They TRULY care about you and your dog rather than some of the factory like dog training operations throughout the city.

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