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Diane C.

About seven years ago we adopted a puppy from a rescue organization. Since my background is working with children with disabilities, and since I had wanted to train a dog for therapy work, I enrolled Sarah at AnimalSense. I knew nothing about dog training (my husband had done the training with our previous purebred dogs). I found the trainer to be a patient, dedicated teacher who not only is interested in the training of the dogs, but also the training of the owners. I found that the positive behavior methods were very effective and rewarding. Sarah and I were learning together. In contrast to our previous dogs, it turned out Sarah had “issues”, particularly with leash reactivity, and I needed expertise even more.

Through patient teaching and  learning, both Sarah and I gained confidence and her behavior improved so that now Sarah is a registered therapy dog, working with children with reading disabilities. She is calm and confident and is able to be with groups of children, adults and other dogs and is a joy to be around.

We now take classes for fun and have found that there is quality instruction among all the staff at AnimalSense.

We now have a second rescue dog who is enrolled at AnimalSense. I know she will also have success but I also know that we need to work together to make that happen.

I recommend AnimalSense to everyone I know who is looking for dog training classes. I often wish I could stop people I see on the street whose dogs are pulling, snarling and otherwise misbehaving and suggest they sign up for classes at AnimalSense.

I have learned something new at every class I have taken there and will continue to enroll my dogs in AnimalSense classes.

Both trainers had different approaches to offer to help solve any problems we were having.

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