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Moni K.

My puppy and I took the 6 week Middle Management class and our trainer was Nicole.

I am sure you have seen the classes at Petsmart that have 7 dogs + in class. This class at Animal Sense had 3 dogs! So we got Nicole’s undivided attention and boy did we learn.

Not only did my dog learned sit, stay, down, watch me, come, go to bed, leave it, roll over, take a bow and more. We also got tips on great leash options and learned how to nicely walk on the leash. My puppy learned a lot in the class but so did I. Nicole worked with everyone on individual basis and it was amazing to see how well she knew her students just by looking at their body language and behavior. I liked watching her work not only with my dog but also the others because she was so good with them.

Every Saturday I looked forward to going to class and seeing my puppy succeed. Every class always ended on the positive note.

In addition, after each class Nicole sent us follow up emails and additional material to reinforce the class and help us practice what we learned in class.

Nicole’s personality makes it very easy to learn from her. Nicole is very approachable and made me so comfortable in class that I was never scared of asking any questions even the silly ones. In fact, on the last day of class, it turned out that my husband was able to come to the”graduation day” and after class when we were going home in the car he said that he could see that Nicole was a really good trainer. I am so glad that I chose AnimalSense for my class. My puppy and I got very personalized training that was worth every penny. My experience with AnimalSense has been positive from the start. They helped me chose the right class and location for me as well as were great following up and always there whenever I needed them. Great customer service and great trainers.


Don’t take annoying dog behavior as a given…. call AnimalSense now!

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