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Erin S.’ Dog

Bailey is a Westie and proud of it. She is a runner and loves to jaunt around the park or dash around the apartment in quick-sprint figure-8 patterns. Bailey is also quite a leaper and often bounds up and down in front of the TV when something she likes comes on. Her favorite shows include The Colbert Report, old episodes of classic Star Trek, and anything with animals in it. A bit of a busybody, Bailey would be happy to spend hours sniffing around the block to see what other dogs in the neighborhood are up to. She is a cuddler and a very friendly, upbeat pooch, who recently passed the Canine Good Citizen test. Turn-ons include tuna, treats and Kongs, and turn-offs include recliners and bedtime.

Their trainers go to many seminars and retreats for behavioral training in order to offer the best techniques for their clients.

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