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Lynn’s Dogs

I’m Rafe, a border collie, better known as Rafe the Wonder Dog.  My Mom thinks I am really, really smart.  But I think the truth is that I just can’t take my eyes off of her,  and I can’t wait to work for her.   I’ve heard Mom telling people that she never wanted a border collie, but when she met me her life changed.  The feeling is mutual.

Fayette is a black and white border collie and the newest addition to the Brezina family. She is universally acknowledged to be the cutest puppy in the wuuuuurldah. You can watch Fayette grow up in The Dog Trainer’s Puppy, Lynn’s new photo series on the AnimalSense blog.

Fayette 1

Both trainers had different approaches to offer to help solve any problems we were having.

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