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Alison’s Dogs

Huck is a three-year-old yellow lab.  He enjoys long walks, chasing squirrels, and receiving belly rubs.  Recently his favorite hobby is sniffing the back deck to ensure the opossum living underneath did not skedaddle without saying goodbye.  His sister Sonar, a young terrier mix, is a ball of energy and spends most of her time trying to instigate play with Huck by nibbling on his legs or waiting until Huck yawns so she can stick her whole head inside.  Though we know she is deaf, Sonar either doesn’t know or doesn’t care and lives her life without reserve—a life philosophy she attempts to instill on her brother and human parents everyday.  When she has finally exhausted all her energy, you can find her headfirst under the blanket on whatever warm lap is nearest.

When I think of how my dog was when I brought her home from the shelter, I marvel at the change.

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