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Carol M.

Eighteen months ago Mika and I met the AnimalSense pack. Mika was such a shy dog I couldn’t fathom her being able to perform in a class environment. I was assured that with gentle training, lots of praise and love, that Mika would gain self confidence.

So we signed up for a big girl class (Mika is 4.5 pounds LOL) – shy dog class. The first 20 minutes of day one she sat shaking on my lap. By the end of that seven-week session, she was actually going up to check out the other dogs and one was 165 pounds! Through the next 18 months, we took a variety of classes and got to know many of the trainers at AnimalSense.

Each class was gained confidence and new skills, but more importantly was the simple fun we had in class.


In 18 months Mika made such drastic changes, but much of that was due just to her weekly hour class as there were many times I didn’t work with her much during the week. I kept coming back for more because the classes were so fun, you could truly see the changes in her after seven weeks along with the other dogs in class, and it was an excuse to at least devote one hour a week for Mika and myself. The classes keep her (oh and me too) on our paws (toes). They make the classes fun for pooches and people.



AnimalSense is the third trainer I’ve tried and in three sessions, the trainer’s insights have had remarkable success.

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