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Carolyn R.

Last fall, my eight-month-old Beagle puppy, Pickles and I began taking classes with AnimalSense. Pickles and I had done some obedience training at home, but we had not attended a formal class. I realized that it was important for Pickles to be around other dogs, so we began taking classes.

When we first started, Pickles was a very timid, quiet dog. He spent the first several sessions clinging to the walls. The trainers spent the majority of our sessions luring him out from under the chairs with peanut butter and other treats. He did not venture out into the room until the middle of our second six-week session. When he did, the entire class let out a shriek.

I am so grateful to AnimalSense because of all the time and energy they have put into Pickles. He is now a confident, well-behaved dog. Without the training of AnimalSense, Pickles could have become an aggressive and violent pet. Instead, he is a wonderful part of our family.


Pickles is now a year and a half and we are still attending classes with AnimalSense. We have made many four-legged friends and have learned a tremendous amount about how a dog’s mind (especially a stubborn Beagle’s) works. When you say the word “school”, Pickles immediately runs to the back door, looks at his leash and sits. He is a changed dog because of AnimalSense!

AnimalSense trainers clearly love dogs, never using or encouraging the use of force or intimidation.

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