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Christina W.

Within days of adopting my dog from a humane organization, Cookie began to display signs of anxiety. Unfortunately, we suffered needlessly as Cookie terrorized our cats, scared our neighbors, barked at house guests, and, during our walks, lunged at any moving object within 100 feet. These problems were just a few of many. We should have known we were in trouble when we got her veterinary records. Someone wrote “too hyper” in the temperament box.

With the assistance of AnimalSense, Cookie was diagnosed by a veterinarian as having general anxiety disorder, fear-based aggression, and poor impulse control. I thought that Cookie “displayed signs of anxiety,” but in all honesty, we thought she was just a bad girl.

With both medication and training, Cookie is now a different dog!

Our trainer gave us lots of tips and “homework”, as well as useful resources.

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