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Greg’s Dog

Ernie is a ten-year old West Highland White Terrier known sometimes as “Ernesto,” “Ernie Bernie” or “the monster dog.”  That last nickname comes from his barking and growling at fellow dogs, as well as at a wide variety of other “scary things” such as skateboarders, motorcycles, horses, vacuum cleaners and delivery trucks.  In spite of his “monster dog” side, Ernie also has a very loving side.  He definitely considers himself to be a lap dog but will (sometimes) wait to be invited before jumping up.  When not enjoying someone’s lap, he enjoys playing catch, chasing rabbits and pushing and pulling his pillow bed from one room to another. His owners have often wondered if he is simply a frustrated interior designer, always looking for the perfect placement of his furniture.

I learned valuable tips and tricks that have helped my dog and I create a more pleasant home environment.

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