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Jennie S.

We took our dog to the All Puppy training class, our trainers were Sally and Erin. Each week Sally sent us supplemental readings, including things for us to practice with our dog.

Both Sally and Erin were knowledgeable about issues people were having with their dogs, and they had different approaches to offer to help solve any problems we were having.


I think we were lucky to have a class that represented lots of different dog issues, our dog being the spazz, others being shy, skittish or abrasive. We learned different problem solving techniques to help our dog in case he ever showed signs of being scared or aggressive like the other dogs demonstrated in class. I think what also helped is that during the week my boyfriend and I took time to actually practice what we learned in class so that our dog would form good habits instead of just doing something in class for a few weeks and then not being consistent.

Badger has drastically improved and so have I.

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