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Lisa T.

I have taken my dog, Sienna, to two different training classes at AnimalSense and had an absolutely fantastic experience at both. Interestingly, I had enrolled my dog simultaneously in another training program just in case one of the programs was canceled (which had happened to me before).  I ended up going to both programs, but liked the AnimalSense program so much better that I stopped going to the other trainer.

Both Sienna and I felt very comfortable with the trainer at AnimalSense.  She had a very positive approach to training and, unlike other trainers, she made everyone feel okay about their dogs’ misbehavior or inability to get it right away.

If the proof is in the pudding, I get compliments on how well behaved Sienna is all the time.  I’ve recommended AnimalSense to everyone I know.

Our dog learned a ton over the 6 week period.

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