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Melissa B.

One year ago, I adopted a 10 month old mixed breed dog, Roscoe. I signed up for training classes immediately, knowing nothing about dog training. I wanted a positive experience to help me communicate with Roscoe and have the best relationship possible.

I was so pleased with AnimalSense’s classes that I have signed up for every session since the first, never missing an opportunity to learn more.

Their classes are very well organized, yet the trainers are able to think on their feet. They can change plans on a moment’s notice as needs arise, based on the variety of dogs and owners. The atmosphere is very open and interactive as the trainer always addresses each owner’s questions and concerns.  This includes effective alternatives to apply in different situations, depending on each dog’s response or personality.

AnimalSense trainers clearly love dogs, never using or encouraging the use of force or intimidation.

Dogs respond positively, and they are able to show owners how to achieve positive results – almost immediately. I always enjoy and benefit from insight into how and why dogs behave and respond in certain ways, and this has certainly enhanced my ability to understand and train Roscoe.

The weekly handouts are incredibly helpful once you get back home and both you and the dog seem to have forgotten was taught.

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