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Just a few weeks after my husband and I got our first dog (a sweet though scared rescued dog-a little over a year old and a shepherd mix,) we found out that we would be moving to Europe. Lana was new to us, we were new to her and we all were new to the experience of moving a dog across the Atlantic.

We wanted the move to go as smoothly as possible for her, and there were many challenges-not only was she new to us, but we didn’t have much time- we were scheduled to move in two months. Moving is stressful enough. But we were making an international move (which neither of us had ever done before) in just two months with a dog we’d rescued mere weeks before. We knew we’d need a lot of help.

We were very lucky. We chose AnimalSense because they held classes just a few blocks from our home, and we knew that would be very helpful in our situation. It turns out AnimalSense was just what we needed. First of all, the staff was extremely helpful in coming up with a plan for us. Given our schedule, we would only be able to attend half the sessions of any classes in the upcoming session. AS accommodated us by having us attend half the sessions for two different classes. Most important, though, were the private sessions we had. They helped with our most urgent need: getting Lana acclimated to the crate she would be traveling in on the plane for 8-10 hours-and, most importantly, gave us the assurance and the confidence we needed that we could do this, and that Lana would be fine. Given all of the stress that we were under, the support that was offered was so important to us in so many ways.

It’s safe to guess that Lana didn’t have a lot of stability in her life before we got her. And there have been many changes since we have gotten her – in these seven months she’s lived in three different places in various states of packing and unpacking and crossed an ocean. I really don’t know what it would have been like without the support of AnimalSense. We use what we’ve learned from there every day, and now that Lana has been in one home for over three months, we see her confidence growing every day.



Our pup is definitely one of the best trained on our block

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