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Silvia V.

I am glad to say that my dog Badger and I were one of the first clients of AnimalSense. Honestly, I expected some trial and error to go on when it came to the classes but the Oak Park location was so close to home and my dog REALLY needed some behavior classes. Badger was 2 1/2 years old when we started and we had already tried a local pet store training and none of it worked for him. Badger had issues beyond comprehension, and I was willing to try anything.

What I found at AnimalSense was everything that Badger needed.


There was no trial and error because the trainer did a complete assessment on Badger and knew exactly what class was appropriate for him, Doggone Issues. Badger had issues of biting, not allowing people to grab his tail, kids made him crazy and he would not even let a stranger get acquainted with him by smelling their hand because he would immediately bite! He did not like other dogs and showed clear signs of aggression toward anything but ME. AnimalSense worked with him and ME (yes I needed training too, probably still do) so that I could calm down.

Badger has drastically improved and so have I. I don’t feel the anxiety I used to feel with strangers approaching him and he knows that he is safe if I am calm.


Badger is great with babies but is still working on the toddlers. I am very happy with AnimalSense and am confident that when I decide to have my own human children, my son Badger and I will go back to AnimalSense to learn the next step. Badger will need to learn to not be jealous when sharing affection, and I will learn to give him the same or more love when the new arrival comes. Thanks to AnimalSense, I feel confident with Badger and so does the rest of the family and neighborhood.

I often wish I could stop people on the street who’s dogs are misbehaving and suggest they sign up for classes at AnimalSense.

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