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To Know Bailey is to Know Happiness

Author: Erin Schneider | Date: January 20, 2012

I wanted to write something more upbeat and helpful, but I can’t think of anything else but the recent news my husband and I received. A few weeks ago, we learned that our Westie, Bailey, has inoperable bladder cancer. We were very upset by the news, and because she is only six years old, we were also unprepared. We have put her on some medication to help control the tumor. If we are lucky, we could get a year or so with her. If the medication doesn’t work, we could get only months with her. We are doing everything we can for her, but most important to us is that she is comfortable and lives a good life. We love her too much to put her through any unnecessary pain.

In August of 2005, I drove to Indiana to pick up the cutest Westie puppy that I have ever seen. The minute I saw her, I knew she and I were meant to be. Bailey has given me six years of joy. Our friends and family say, “to know Bailey is to know happiness” and I couldn’t agree more. She was even able to turn my “dog neutralist” husband into a big dog lover.

Bailey and I have been through a lot together in the six short years we have been together. She was with me in a few of my single years, she was with me when I purchased my condo, she was with me when I met and married my husband, and I was hoping she would be with me for a lot more of life’s mile markers.

If you are reading this and love animals as I do, you have probably suffered the loss of a pet. Each one touches us differently. My Dalmation, Millie, was my dog growing up and I still think about her and miss her. Bailey has a different place in my heart, though.

There is an extra special bond that I just can’t explain.

My husband and I are making the most of the extra time we have with her. And don’t think for a minute that we aren’t thankful and appreciative for this “bonus” time we get with her. We are enjoying more trips to the park, more cuddle time, and Bailey’s favorite, more treats. We are thankful for every minute we have with her. When her time does come, I know I can look back and know that we did everything possible to make her happy. God knows she made us the happiest people in the world.


    1. Greg says:

      You may not think of this as an upbeat posting, but it’s a beautiful posting…and a testament to how important our dogs are to us. Something we should all remember and appreciate everyday.

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