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Mmmm… Poop

Author: Nicole Stewart | Date: January 18, 2012

“Mmmm” and “poop” in the same sentence?  I know.  Seems, well…  gross, right?

Well, that’s because it is for us humans who have not embraced the nutritional goodness of what is left over once it comes out of our bodies.  Dogs are, however, very versed in the poop varieties.  Let’s see, there’s rabbit, deer, goose and those are good, tasty treats for a dog on the go, for sure.  Now, cat is even more fantastic given that it has a higher amount of delicious protein AND is kept in the house in a box with it’s very own cat dispenser.  I mean, what will they think of next?!?

There is one other that even the dogs don’t all agree on and that, my friends is…

(Warning:  if you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to scroll down past this)

… dog poop.

In fact, maybe we shouldn’t even speak this subject out loud for fear that we’d have to address the issue that puts our furry friends in a compromised light.

Nah, I’m gonna keep going.  Sorry.

Dog may be man and woman’s best friend, but wow, one can really see why non-dog people might find this poop eating behavior a bit of a deal breaker.  Even we lovers of dogs, sort of pretend it doesn’t exist, hoping that enough time has passed between the poop eating and the licking of our face.  Yikes!

The question becomes, why? Why in the world would they do such a thing? And the answer is that we don’t always know for sure.  When I have a client with this issue at home, I always talk about the following:

  • Medical – does he or she have a health issue?  Regular stool samples can help detect parasites.
  • Nutritional – Is your dog’s diet deficient in something?
  • Behavioral – Is it learned? Are they stress eating? Do they want to hide pooping from you?

Dr. Karen Becker, a well-respected veterinarian, addresses some possible causes in an easy to understand way here.

If you happen to have a dog who loves their own poop enough to eat it, the very minimum, and most effective line of defense is to always pick up poop immediately after your dog has gone.  It might not tell us why they partake in this unpleasant activity, but it will keep them from doing it regularly.



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