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Warning: Construction Zone

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: February 10, 2012

As some of you may know, I not only work for AnimalSense, but I also work for CanineLink (formerly AnimalSense Academy). CanineLink is a new company founded by Jamie Damato Migdal, who founded AnimalSense. We teach people to become dog trainers.

Being a new business, we got new everything: new name, new website, new collateral material and most importantly, new office. I was responsible for most of the project, so I now understand how to do a remodel from start to finish.

It takes patience, decision making skills, well-connected friends and of course, dogs.

Wait. I’m sorry. I couldn’t have possibly said dogs. Well, unfortunately, I did. See, the thing about any sort of renovation is that you have to work long days and wait around for a bunch of people to do work so that you can let them in and out. When I work a long day, my dog has to come with me. Seeing as how I bring him to the office all the time, I thought, this can’t be that bad. Well, I was wrong.

The first step in our remodeling was ripping up some very, very old carpet. I would cut a strip of carpet and start rolling it away, then my dog Eddy would lay right in front of it. “This looks like a good place to rest,” he must have been thinking. I mean, come on.

The office was covered in dust and paw prints, which was fine except Eddy also climbs onto things like chairs, couches, rugs, you know, things made of fabric. All the stuff we had that I spent lots of time covering up was just messed up by his silly, little paws.

Move ahead a few months and the new furniture arrives. IKEA delivered 77 boxes to our office, which as you can imagine took up quite a bit of space. I sign the papers for the nice delivery lady, close the door, turn around and sure enough, there is Eddy, sitting on top of all the boxes. My furniture? No, Ed. NOT your furniture. Now WATCH OUT. I have to spend the next three weeks assembling it all.

Don’t get me started on how Eddy thinks he’s helping in the furniture building process. Ed, you’re not suppose to stand on the plywood, I have to put a nail there. Eddy, we have to lift this up, can you please get out of the way?

Obviously, this blog isn’t filled with much training advice, except maybe, don’t bring your dog into a construction zone.

Normally, I really wouldn’t advise dogs and construction zones, as they can step on nails and other dangerous material and they might not like all the random people walking in and out.

However, if you’re doing construction in your home and there isn’t much choice, my advice is to keep your dog on a leash in case they make a run toward the open paint can or rogue screw. You can also try to desensitize them to loud noises. See if you can find some construction type noises and play it on a low volume while giving them treats. Slowly increase the volume when your dogs seem comfortable. Don’t raise the volume more than once a day. Eventually you can play it at a normal volume and hopefully they will be completely used to the sound when the real thing happens.

To be fair, Eddy made the renovation experience much more tolerable. I guess he did help after all.


From the very start, AnimalSense had nothing but my interest and my dog’s in mind.

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