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Book Review: Inside of a Dog

Author: Alison Spanner | Date: March 29, 2012

Ever wondered what your dog understands about life, his environment, and you?  Perhaps you’ve wondered why she runs to the front door when you say, “want to go for a walk?” but does not return a single toy to the toy box when you say, “want to pick up your toys?”  Why he insists on rolling in the grass?  Why he runs like the Tasmanian devil through the house after a bath?  How a Great Dane and a Pomeranian are the same species?  Why does she always chase the neighbor on a skateboard?  How does he know I’ve opened up a Tupperware of food when he is sleeping in the other room?

Well look no further!

Alexandra Horowitz’s non-fiction book, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, is a wonderfully engaging book that had me smiling on every page.

Not only is she a dog lover at heart, but is also a cognitive scientist who uses her training to explain a dog’s most perplexing behavior.  She helps her readers set aside their natural inclination to anthropomorphize, opening their minds to seeing dogs as amazingly complex creatures in their own right.

Find it online here.




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