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Fun Canine Enrichment Toys

Author: Lindsay Rapp | Date: March 2, 2012

If you are a dog owner, you probably have heard of or use a Kong. I LOVE them… and so do my dogs, but sometimes you want to switch it up.

Here are some of my favorite dog toys.

The majority of these toys come in different sizes for every dog!

1. The Squirrel Dude

This little guy is a riot! He is a lot like the Kong, but the hole has teeth in it, so you can put dry treats or food in him and you dog has to throw him around to get everything out.

2. The Jolly Egg

This thing is my dog Kayla’s addiction. It is the most basic toy ever! It’s a big piece of plastic shaped as an egg. It is oddly shaped so it won’t sit still on the ground and it is hard for them to get their mouths around it. This toy does cause a ruckus… your dog will most likely run around the house chasing it. My dog is so tired after five to ten minutes with it, it’s just like a mile run to her.

3. Frisbees, either rings or discs

Here are two options. If you have never played Frisbee with your dog, it helps to start with a ring. It’s much easier for them to learn how to catch it. Catching a Frisbee can be tricky… so you must be patient. I think it took Kayla a few months to figure it out. Now, I just throw it at her in the house and it’s awesome!

4. Canine Puzzles (example one, example two, example three)

Puzzles are fun because you can fill them with treats and leave your dog be. Your dog has to move pieces or pick them up to get their treats. Smart dog!

All of these toys are ways to keep your dog busy and use their brains.

Remember, even though they go on walks, they still need to be mentally stimulated. We, as pet owners, can sometimes forget that our dogs were originally bred to do a job. While we no longer use them for those tasks, your dog still wants a job so do. So remember to give them a challenge each day, and have fun!











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