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There’s Still a Puppy in My House

Author: Paulette Solinski | Date: March 7, 2012

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about our new puppy Sophie.  At that time I focused on the stuff that’s not so great about puppies – the trips outside in the middle of the night, the housebreaking accidents, and the teeth – oh, those puppy teeth.

It’s been a good puppy week so it only seemed fair to write about the good puppy stuff.

The biggest milestone involves Sophie and our other dog , Sitka.  We lost our dog Molly early last year and we all miss her greatly – Sitka included.  My hope was that a puppy would invigorate Sitka and make him play around the house again. However, when we brought Sophie home, I swear Sitka started exploring other housing options. Anyone who knows Sitka knows it takes a lot to bug him but Sophie was up to the challenge.  In the last week or so though Sitka has been waving toys in Sophie’s face and they play tug for awhile.  Then they run around awhile and then they rest together for awhile.  Of course, after that Sitka takes himself away from Sophie – he’s basically treating her like his pet, which is fine with me.

In addition, Sophie has started behaving herself for longer chunks of time.  Today, Sophie and I were at the vet and she was perfect.  Among all the other dogs who were barking and whining, she was watching me and doing the exercises I asked (lots of touches, sits and downs).  She walked into the treatment room and behaved great there, too.  (Of course, there’s a good chance she’ll need surgery on her eyelid – so we’re back to the not so good puppy stuff again – but I digress).  It was a nice reminder that training does pay off but more importantly that dog owners are in this for the long haul and that you’ll have to take a step or two back now and then but there’s a lot of going forward too.

Here’s what I need to remember – laugh at the bad moments, savor the good ones and enjoy the journey.

And for anyone who read my last blog and was put off with the idea of a puppy – it’s not so bad (today.)


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