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Four-Legged Fashion

Author: Erin Schneider | Date: April 30, 2012

I am a firm believer in using fashion as a way to express your personality, as well as your dogs. I love fashion and could spend hours flipping through my fashion magazines. I enjoy seeing all the latest trends and designers. Ever since I got Bailey, I find myself looking through dog magazines for many of the same reasons. I love to see all the cute dog bowls and beds and all the adorable collars.

If Bailey was a prissier dog, she would have a collection of collars. But she could care less about fashion. I have had dogs that can’t stand to go outside when it rains, dogs that won’t go near mud, etc. Well, Bailey could care less about that stuff. So I try to accessorize appropriately.

Bailey is a Westie, which is a breed originally from Scotland. So Bailey wears a pink, plaid collar. I think it says, “I’m cute, I’m Scottish, and I’m proud of it.” But the collar isn’t the only way to accessorize a dog. There are many ways to do that.

Dog accessories now include just about everything.

You can accessorize your pup with sweaters and jackets, charms for their collars, bows and barrettes, carrying cases, footwear, sports apparel, halloween costumes… well, you get the idea. There are many ways of showing off your dog’s personality and many places to shop for them. If you live in Chicago, it’s hard to walk a few blocks without walking by a pet boutique. Plus there are a ton of places online. Just Google what you are looking for and watch the pages unfold in front of you.

I am also strong believer in having dog products that fit the style of my home. I have made sure to have a dog bed that fits in with our color and vibe (and one that Bailey enjoys sleeping in), dog bowls that are both safe and attractive (I recommend stainless steel bowls because plastic bowls wear down over time and the material in the plastic can leach into your pet’s food and water), a cute toy basket that blends in, and treat jars that are stylish and look great sitting out on a counter. You no longer have to settle for boring products.

As much as I love to accessorize my dog, I also believe in safety.

I don’t put just any item on her for the sake of being fashionable. I always walk her with a harness; we actually use the Gentle Leader. I also make sure to use a stable leash. I prefer a 4-foot or 6-foot leather leash. Bailey’s safety and comfort always take precedence over any fashion statement. But I also know how to have fun and emphasize Bailey’s great personality.

How do you accessorize your dog? We at AnimalSense always love photos, so feel free to share.


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