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There’s a Dog in My Bed

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: June 4, 2012

I got married about 8 months ago. When I married my husband I inherited a lot of things, but the most important was a dog in my bed. I’ve always allowed our family dogs to sleep with me. I’m all about the cuddling. However, I’m used to large fuzzy dogs who get hot easily, so they won’t stay in the bed for long.

Our dog Eddy, however, is a totally different story. He’s about 60 pounds, so he’s not small, but he MUST lay on top of you. He will sleep on your legs, your stomach, your arms and even your head, but he has to be touching you at some point.

If he can’t touch you, then he can’t sleep. If he can’t sleep, then no one can sleep.

When my family dogs couldn’t sleep they would just jump off the bed and lay on the group somewhere, but Eddy feels the need to keep trying different spots. Sometimes at the foot of the bed, sometimes on our pillows or sometimes in between us. Every night is a different story.

I have grown quite used to these shenanigans as has my husband who has been dealing with it for 6 years. In fact, he claims to like all the cuddling, which just can’t be true. I have been dog sitting for the past week for two separate people who don’t allow dogs on the bed. I never noticed how nice it is to have a little room to myself. Of course, after a few days I had trouble sleeping because I wanted my cuddle buddy.

Oh, dogs! We put up with so much of your antics. We complain, and then we realize we can’t live without it. Do you allow your dog on the bed? Share here.


From the very start, AnimalSense had nothing but my interest and my dog’s in mind.

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