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Author: Lindsay Rapp | Date: July 2, 2012

As pet parents, you always want the best for your dog. But there are so many different types of equipment available for dogs these days, it can be hard to know what the right product is.

Walking your dog is a necessity, and there are so many different collars, harnesses and leashes out there…. how does a dog owner know which to pick?

Here’s a rundown of some common equipment and its use:

Flat Collar: This is a standard leather or canvas collar that goes around your dog’s neck. I really like these to keep all of your dog’s tags on. You should have a tag with your dog’s name, your name and contact information. Another tag displays rabies vaccination and the last tag is city registration, if applicable.

Front Clip Harness: This is a harness that goes around your dog’s body and the leash clips at the front of their chest. I like to put all dogs in some sort of harness, just so we take the pressure off their neck, which could damage vital organs. This harness is great for the dog that pulls. With the leash attached to the front it is harder for your dog to pull because when they pull, they actually get reverted back to you. The original and the best fit is the Sensation or Sensible Harness.

Back Clip Harness:  This is a harness that I see the majority of dogs that come into our training classes wearing. And most of the owners complain about their dogs pulling on walks. The reason is that the leash is attached on the back by the dog’s shoulders. This is actually how sled dogs get hooked up to pull large loads. If you are having a pulling problem with your dogs, try a front clip harness. It was save your arms and shoulders.

Gentle Leader: These are head collars for dogs. You have probably seen dogs walking around your neighbor hood wearing one. Some people think they are a muzzle, but they are not. Dogs can drink water, play ball, eat and even bite if they wanted to while wearing a Gentle Leader.  The Gentle Leader is designed like a horse bridle; you have the most control of any animal by their head. This is a great way to control a dog who pulls excessively or is leash reactive. There is an adjustment period for a dog to get used to it and it needs to be fitted correctly.  I use this on my own leash reactive dog and love it!

Leash: When walking your dog, you want them to stay close to you, so you need a strong, reliable leash. A 6 foot or 4 foot leather or nylon leash is best. I like leather better because it is most durable, skin-friendly and can last for decades if cared for properly.

I know there are many options out there. Feel free to call our office or ask one of our trainers their opinion on what would be best equipment for you and your dog!


They TRULY care about you and your dog rather than some of the factory like dog training operations throughout the city.

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