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Quenching Canine Thirst

Author: Erin Schneider | Date: July 9, 2012

I love to stay on top of the new trends in the pet industry. Recently, I read about a new trend that I am a little surprised is catching on… dog water. Yep, you read that correctly, dog water. If you are anything like me, you probably think tap water is perfectly okay to give to your dog. I mean, this is a species that is perfectly comfortable drinking out of the toilet.

So what exactly is dog water, you ask? Well, in my opinion it is just another way to get pet owners to spend more money on products. The industry thinks differently. “Just Add Water,” a recent article in Pet Business magazine says dog water is “inspired specifically by the increasing number of pet owners who travel with their animals.”

The water industry is coming up with more and more ways to provide easy ways to supply water for your pooch while traveling.

Years ago I purchased a reusable plastic water bottle with a bowl attached at the end to make it easy for Bailey to drink while we travel. Today there are collapsible dog bowls, freezable pouches, stainless steel water bottles with a lid that doubles as a bowl, and many more travel hydration products. We should all be concerned about making sure that our dog stays hydrated, whether it is bringing water along on a long walk or a road trip across the county.

But it doesn’t take special water to keep your dog hydrated. Or does it?

Some in the pet industry would tell you it does. Pet Business says bottled water is “formulated to supply dogs and cats with important nutrients.” One brand of pet water states that their water is “high in antioxidants that helps balance pH, helps neutralize free radicals, helps reduce excess acid and helps preserve calcium.” Another brand says their water is “enhanced with electrolytes for hydration, ginseng for health, glucosamine for hips and joints, and brewers yeast for healthy skin.” Some water is even flavored with peanut butter!

Recently a drink distributor dropped some of the flavored water off at our office. I took a bottle home and gave it to my dog. She isn’t a good water drinker (I usually have to include some in her food in order to get her to drink more), so I thought she might be interested in the peanut butter flavor. She took a sip and then looked kind of confused (I am probably anthropomorphizing here a little). I left it out for her and she didn’t touch it again. Again, she isn’t the best water drinker, so I am not reading too much into it. But I actually tried a little bit. I could taste a hint of peanut butter, but other than that, it tasted and looked like water.

What are your thoughts on dog water? Would you buy it for your dog or do you think you will just stick to tap water? Post your thoughts here.


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