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Adolescence Anxiety

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: August 3, 2012

My mother is going on a cruise next week. Her and my step father will be gone 10 days, leaving the house, their plants and, most importantly, their dogs for me to babysit. To be perfectly honest, I’m sure the house will be fine. I WILL kill at least one of the plants accidentally, but for the first time in my life, I am actually a bit anxious about dog sitting.

My mother recently brought a puppy into her home and not just any puppy: a Newfoundland, who’s about 100 pounds right now and growing a pound a minute. Sophie is also going through adolescence. Just like human teenagers, dogs are awful. They don’t listen, they act out and weird behaviors that you’ve never seen before suddenly appear.

If you’ve taken our Middle Management class, you’ve heard our trainers advise that the best thing to do during adolescence is to train your dog through it. Keep them working and don’t give in! I know what I’m suppose to do. I can’t let her win! However, I’m a terribly lazy dog trainer and am pretty sure I’m going to rip my hair out at the annoyance this dog will create. Of course, she’s freaking adorable, and my mother has trained her to an inch of her life, but adolescence is the worst. Also, my poor mother is the only one doing any of the training. When I go over to the house I try to work on some behaviors with the puppy, but usually I just go to hang out with my mom. This, in turn, has caused Sophie to only listen to my mother. So my mother has a perfectly trained dog (full disclosure: she’s also a dog trainer), but when the puppy is with the rest of the family: GAME OVER!

The moral of the story: Train your dog through adolescence no matter how tired you are.

You will be far less tired in the future.

Don’t let just one person in the household train the dog.

If anyone is going to be spending a decent amount of time with the dog, have them work on a least a few behaviors as well.

Hopefully, I’ll have some interesting blog posts for you while I’m dog sitting. You can also read one of my mother’s very entertaining blogs to see what I have gotten myself into.


I felt that AnimalSense genuinely wanted the best for us and our pup.

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