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Better Living Through Chemistry?

Author: | Date: August 14, 2012

Just like humans… dogs get sick.  Dogs get injured.  They have illnesses, issues, maladies and disorders.  Unlike humans, our dogs can’t always tell us what they need, or make choices for themselves as to the best option for treatment.  As in all aspects of their lives, our pet dogs need US to advocate for them and make good choices to help them be healthy and happy.  In lots of cases, the course of treatment can be pretty straightforward – splinter in a paw? Remove it safely and keep it clean.  But what about when the problem ISN’T so clear, and you’re not sure the best path to take for your dog?

Our dog, Lulu, has had a tumultuous year.

We have put her through a lot of changes, and she’s handled them as best as she can, but change can be very difficult for a dog!  Back in March, we moved to a new apartment, and in May, we welcomed our son Jack home, our first baby.  Lulu loves living in the city, and more importantly, she’s great with Baby Jack.  However, all of the changes that Lulu has been through has made her very anxious about people leaving the house – she’s developed a pretty serious case of separation anxiety.  We have been working with her a lot on making her more comfortable being by herself – having a dog trainer for a mom helps!  We also knew that there were a lot of products, supplements, and medications out there that could possibly help her be more relaxed – how do we know what’s right for Lulu?  How do you know what’s right for YOUR dog?

First and foremost, always talk to a veterinarian that you trust about what’s happening with your dog, and what they feel may be able to help you.

There are medications that can assist dogs not only with physical ailments, but also with issues like anxiety, aggression or obsessive behaviors. They can also recommend other professionals that can provide you with more specialized help.

If you’re more inclined to take the natural path, there are holistic veterinarians available that can give you options for herbs, supplements, and other all-natural remedies that may help.  Beyond veterinarians, there’s everything from physical therapy, to acupuncture, to reiki, all with the goal of helping your dog to be happy and healthy.

The best advice I can give is to educate yourself on the options, talk to the professionals, and to keep an open mind to what’s out there that may help your dog.

As much as we’d like it to be, the internet is NOT always the best place to turn for advice. In addition, what worked for your friend, coworker, or neighbor, may not be the best choice for you and your dog.  While choosing to medicate your dog can be a difficult and very personal decision, surrounding yourself with caring professionals who understand your needs and desires for your dog can be a HUGE help.


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