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The Vegetarian or Vegan Dog

Author: Lindsay Rapp | Date: August 10, 2012

I am meeting more dogs who are vegetarian, or even vegan, these days. The first time I had someone tell me that their dog was vegan, I was very confused. “Don’t they know that a dog is naturally a carnivore?” I thought to myself.

I have been a vegetarian and even a vegan in the past, so I get it. But it still surprises me that people make this choice for their dogs. Last weekend, AnimalSense had a booth at the Wicker Park Fest, where we handed out dog treats, among other things. These treats are grain free and 100% freeze dried meat, treats of complete quality. However, I had many people say no to the treats because their dogs don’t eat meat.

So I decided to learn more about this new phenomenon: the vegetarian dog.

The booth next to us was a vet clinic we work with often: Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic. I walked over to our friend Dr. Jacob Cohen to pick his brain. He said yes, he had heard about this new trend. He said that even though it is not the “natural diet” of a dog to be a vegetarian, there is now a market for it. There are now some dog foods that cater to the vegetarian dog. He said owners should not try and make their dog’s food on their own, as the dog could not receive all the vital nutrients and protein it needs. Instead, he suggested contacting your vet for good food brands that will benefit your vegetarian dog.

To each their own, but I am keeping my dogs on a protein-based diet because I know that is what my three pups love.


If I could give this place 10 stars, I would.

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