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What’s in a Name?

Author: Paulette Solinski | Date: August 7, 2012

We got a puppy last December and my family had long discussions about what to name her.

In fact, there was more consideration given to her name than I gave to my daughter’s name.

My top choices – Turnip and Petunia  – were voted down.  We ended up calling her Sophie, or rather, my husband ended up naming her Sophie. It turns out he’s not alone in liking the name.

According to the most consistently popular dog names are:











One thing to notice about the above names is that they are all one or two syllables.

That’s what you want when you are training – a name that gets your dog’s attention.

Pumpernickel may be a fine dog name but when you want to get your dog’s attention, it’s quite the mouthful.

That leads me to another thing to consider when you are picking a name.  What will it really end up being? Just like with humans, we may want full names to be used but in real life names turn into nicknames.  So if you’re naming your dog Pumpernickel, consider whether you’ll be happy with Pump.

Finally, think about how comfortable you will be using your dog’s name in public.  You might think Dr. Schnitzelface is cute but consider whether you’ll feel okay with using it in public for the rest of her life. (I mean, I would, but I was going to name my dog Turnip.)

Whatever you end up with, you can’t make a mistake.  You can get comfortable with anything over time, even Sophie.


    1. Sdl747 says:

      My problem is with names you can’t spell or pronounce because they are so exotic. Your dog should be proud of their name. Sophie is so classy.

We now have a happy, peaceful home – thanks to AnimalSense.

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