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In Appreciation of Adult Dogs

Author: | Date: September 24, 2012

I want to give a “shout out” to my dog Oz.  He is graciously putting up with all sorts of nonsense from our puppy McGee.

Having a puppy has really made me appreciate Oz and adult dogs in general.

When adding a new puppy to the household, it is important to spend one-on-one time with the original dog to help with adjusting to the newcomer and to maintain your bond.  But I have also noticed that I am really enjoying being with Ozzie right now.  He is so much easier than the puppy.  I can relax and just enjoy his company without being on constant vigilance for potty training, counter surfing, puppy biting and the zillion and one things McGee will try to put in his mouth.  Being with Ozzie is like being with that comfortable old friend – the one you know inside and out and tell all your secrets to.

Sure, I am doing a lot of training with McGee, but he watches Oz a lot, so I am also hoping that he will learn some of Ozzie’s good behavior that way (and that training will ward off some of Ozzie’s less than perfect habits).  Puppies learn acceptable inter-canine behavior from adult dogs, and I guess one thing Ozzie is showing him is that well-adjusted adults tolerate crazy puppies.  Sometimes though Ozzie seems to be too patient with McGee and I have to come to his rescue.  As part of my bond and pact with Oz, it would not be fair to always make him fend for himself against Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  After all, I am still his “Mom” too.


When I think of how my dog was when I brought her home from the shelter, I marvel at the change.

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