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Chris’ Other Boys

We are Georgie’s brothers who live on the farm in Lemont. We are Charlie, Rudy, Frankie, and Leroy.

I’m Charlie, and I’m a cat who just loves to snuggle. Although I was a stray at one time, and had a BB in my back to prove it, now I’m living the good life.

Rudy’s my name, and I’m a 7 year old Shih Tzu. I really love to learn new tricks, and am proud to say that I’m a Canine Good Citizen. I know all kinds of tricks, and love to sit up and bow to try to persuade people to share their food with me. I’m a handsome boy too, I’ve even been in some photo shoots!

I’m Franklin, and I’m a “seasoned” Maltipoo. People don’t know how old I am, because I was left outside a shelter in a crate one night. That’s okay though, because now I’m the top dog here on the farm. I may be small, but I know how to throw my weight around. And, I don’t care what the other animals have to say… I’m deaf, so I can’t hear them anyway.

I’m Leroy, and I’m a Chihuahua. Like Frankie, I was a stray, so mom doesn’t know how old I am, but I’m pretty old. People say I have a bad heart, but I take my medicine very carefully, and it doesn’t stop me from chasing the squirrels up the tree every morning.

AnimalSense is the third trainer I’ve tried and in three sessions, the trainer’s insights have had remarkable success.

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