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Pet Poison Scare

Author: Lindsay Rapp | Date: September 3, 2012

I had to call Poison Control for the first time a few weeks ago for my dog Kayla.

It was a fairly normal weekend at the house. I had been at a family party all day and brought food home. Someone (I won’t name names) left a chocolate cupcake out on the counter. All of a sudden I noticed Kayla run from the kitchen to her bed eating something. It all happened so fast, that when I looked at her she already had the paper wrapping of the cupcake hanging out of her mouth. Oh, and the cupcake was chocolate with chocolate frosting. Ugh!

My first initial reaction was to give her hydrogen peroxide to make her vomit. I did that, but it didn’t work. Later, I realized the peroxide was old and had no fizz left to it. So then I called the Emergency Vet number.

They were able point me in the right direction, and gave me the number to the Pet Poison Hotline.

The people there were very helpful and quick to give me guidance. They gave me good news: since Kayla is a 55lb Pit bull mix and she only ate a small cupcake, she should be fine. They did warn me that she might have some bad bowel movements for the next couple of days. Whew!

But now, for the past two weeks, every time she comes out of her crate she runs into the kitchen and jumps on the counter to see if there is anything to eat. She has NEVER been a counter surfer… and now, I have to train her not to practice this behavior.

What I learned from this experience is:

  • Don’t leave anything on the counter you don’t want your dogs to have
  • Always have the phone number and address of the nearest emergency vet to your home handy
  • Always have the Poison Control info number available, which is 800-213-6680.


Our trainer made everyone feel okay about their dogs’ misbehavior or inability to get it right away.

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