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Step up to BAT

Author: Erin Schneider | Date: September 26, 2012

This past weekend, my fellow trainer Nicole Stewart and I went to a seminar on BAT (Behavior Adjustment Therapy) with Grisha Stewart. explains it as, “Behavior Adjustment Training, or BAT, rehabilitates dog reactivity by looking at why the dog is reactive and helping him or her meet his needs in other ways. In a nutshell, BAT is a dog-friendly application of ‘functional analysis’ that gives the dogs a chance to learn to control their own comfort level through peaceful means.”

I have been very interested in doing more training with reactive dogs, so I was very excited to attend this seminar. I was already familiar with BAT, but I learned so much at this two-day seminar. Grisha Stewart put on a wonderful seminar, using both Powerpoint and live demonstrations. By the end of the seminar, I felt like I had a very good understanding of BAT and how to use it in my daily teachings.

One thing I love about AnimalSense is the fact that our trainers keep learning.

We attend seminars, read the latest books and stay on top of our education. We love our jobs and take it very seriously. Next month most of our trainers will be attending the annual conference for APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers). There we will have the opportunity to hear more wonderful speakers and expand our knowledge.

Stay tuned to hear all about our experiences at APDT.


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