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From Country to City Life

Author: Chris Long | Date: October 26, 2012

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time at my boyfriend’s house. Since he has two teenage children, we’ve been making the transition to moving in together very slowly. For me, a big part of that transition was bringing my dog Georgie to the city.

I knew moving in would be a big change for everyone, but I never realized what an adjustment it would be for Georgie.

In the suburbs, Georgie runs free on the family farm. When I’m outside, he is never far away, chasing squirrels, or digging holes, or watching chickens. On the farm, his necessary skills include steering clear of the horse’s feet, breaking up chicken fights when I make a loud “Tsssk” noise, having a rock solid down stay when I need him to be safe and stay out of the way, and just generally knowing where I’m at and staying near. I always keep an eye on him, but he is free, off leash, and he has learned to stay close and not roam too far.

Our first night in the city was a challenge for my poor country boy. While he thrived off of the attention of the kids, his leash skills were embarrassing, and he was so reluctant to go to the bathroom on leash he held it for almost a day. We’ve overcome these challenges now, but going through this has taught me an important lesson.

No matter how well trained our dogs are, chances are there are areas they are really lacking in.

I think most of us train our dogs in areas that are most important in our daily lives, whether it’s keeping a safe distance from a horse or walking around town on a loose leash. That’s why training classes can be so beneficial. They help us to teach our dogs skills that we may not even realize they are lacking. As for Georgie and I, we’re still easing into our new way of life, but I’m proud of my adaptable little country boy!


    1. Mary McPhee says:

      That’s so true,….most people don’t realize all the things dogs could benefit from learning aside from the basics. One never knows when new situations will arise and your dog may be put in a totally new environment such as your little Georgie is. Better to train a dog then to give up on him or her. Well written!!!!

Both trainers had different approaches to offer to help solve any problems we were having.

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