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Dog Sitting Fiascos

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: October 16, 2012

The only kind of dog I like is one that is lying down and sleeping. I imagine that most mothers feel this way about their toddlers or teenagers. I feel like I’m always hearing “Look at how cute he/she looks when he/she is sleeping.” Would you like to know why? Because they aren’t annoying you! They aren’t walking horribly on leash, they aren’t barking at you and they aren’t chewing up your favorite shoes.

Last weekend, I was watching my parents’ two Newfoundlands. One is a puppy and one is an adult. The two are starting to bond and have stopped doing as much lying around as they did the last time I watched them. Last time, I could read a book for at least two hours, which is very impressive for a puppy. She is a Newfoundland, but she’s still annoying.

However, it turns out the dogs have found their desire to interact with each other.

I would lie down on the couch and the puppy would grab a toy and put it in the adult dog’s face. She would continue to push the adult until he got up and started interacting with her. I believe in breaking dog play up at least every five minutes so I would go and grab the puppy. I would hold the puppy and let the adult walk away. He would walk away for a while and then would come back with a toy in his mouth and taunt the puppy. I mean honestly?! What happened to the two NEWFOUNDLANDS I was suppose to be watching? I separated them maybe four or five times before I gave up and put the puppy in her crate, which is also annoying. I really didn’t want to get up.

This happened every night, and I was so glad I was just watching them for a weekend. However, after separating them a few times they are getting better and better at breaking themselves up every few minutes during play. So, it really does work! What we’re preaching in our classes can be annoying when you’re trying to read a book, but eventually it will get better. If I had let it go on, it definitely would have gotten worse. Training experiments do work!


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