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Nature at its Finest

Author: Sally Bushwaller | Date: October 25, 2012

At the beginning of October, my husband, the dogs and I went on our semiannual trip to our house in Maine. Our house, built by my father and other family members, is right on the ocean about an hour from Bar Harbor. This is always a rejuvenating vacation for me. Prospect Harbor is off the beaten path. It’s calm, quiet and peaceful with occasional bits of excitement. The other day I had one of those bits of excitement!

I was returning from a bike ride with my Weimaraner, Cassie, when I saw a critter in the road.

It was just sitting in the middle of the gravel road our house is off of.  At first I thought it was a fox. We have lots of fox and see them frequently. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t a fox, but possibly a cat.  We got a bit closer and I saw it wasn’t a cat either but was a wildcat of some kind!

It saw Cassie and I coming and didn’t seem to care, until Cassie saw it and began pulling towards it. Then it hopped away into the brush. It had a bulky body with darker ears and a darker stubby tail, with tufts of fur at the tips of the ears, and a tawny coat. Picture a beefy, extra large, house cat.  In the 37 years I have been coming here, I have never seen a wildcat.

Breathless with excitement, Cassie and I raced home to do some research online. It was either a bobcat or a lynx. These cats can interbreed, so it could also have been a hybrid–or designer wildcat. I will probably never know what kind of cat it was for sure, but my best guess is it was probably a lynx. It was very cool to see!

I frequently have Cassie off leash on this road, but since we were coming around a blind curve, I had put her back on lead. I’m so glad I did! I think that in a lynx vs. Weimaraner fight, the lynx is going to win! And while I can call her off of a deer or squirrel chase, I don’t know if I could call her off of a lynx chase!

You never know what you will see up here. In the past five years, I have seen bear, many foxes, a whole variety of birds, porcupines, mama and baby moose, deer, bald eagles and now, lynx!

If you want to experience nature at its finest, go to Maine.

If you would like to see pictures of our house and our coastline, you can go to our website.




    1. Ginasanderson says:

      That is amazing! What a beautiful creature. I was in Sweden awhile back and I saw a “large cat” in a field. I explained to my host what I saw and she was shocked. She told me the name in Swedish, which I later figured out was Lynx and said it is very rare to spot them…she was in her late 50’s and lived there all here life and had never seen one. She tried to explain it was some sort of blessing to see this creature. So, consider yourself blessed!

      • Sally says:

        Thanks! It was really cool. I love seeing all the various different wild animals up there. Apparently the lynx population is rebounding because the rabbit population is increasing. Rabbits are very tasty to lynx!

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