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Do Dogs Vacation?

Author: Erin Schneider | Date: November 28, 2012

I love and need vacations. Vacation makes me feel refreshed and re-energized. Recently my husband and I went to Europe for a vacation and while we were gone, my parents watched our dog, Bailey.

After I got back and heard about all the things that she did while we were gone, it got me thinking: do dogs vacation?

My parents live in South Dakota and have a beautiful yard where wildlife walk through on a daily basis. My parents told me Bailey made it her job to explore the back yard and “protect” them from mean animals like deer and squirrels. My parents don’t have a fenced-in yard, so they put Bailey on a long line and let her roam the yard to follow her nose from one amazing smell to the other. I’m not sure what she found, but she went from one end of the yard to the next and even managed to follow her nose underneath the deck. My poor parents had to pretty much crawl under and drag her out. I can only imagine the joy they had in that (thanks Mom and Dad).

My Dad told me about an afternoon where he went to take Bailey and Dolly (my parents’ Yorkie puppy) out to do their business. All of a sudden they look up and there are two deer just staring them in the face. I think it took the dogs by surprise, since their response of barking and scaring them off was a little delayed. I don’t think Bailey has ever been that close to a deer, or come to think of it, any animal of that size. But, the dogs did their job and scared the deer off for the rest of the week.

Bailey also had many nights of sitting on her favorite couch in the house, staring into the backyard. One night a few racoons decided to enter the yard and Bailey barked and barked until they left. I can only imagine the excitement and amazement over seeing these new creatures and the pure joy she had in seeing them run away from her ferocious bark.

If all the exploring and excitement wasn’t enough, my parents have a Yorkie puppy named Dolly that just loves to play with Bailey. The two of them will be passed out on the rug sleeping and then the next minute they are playing together until one gets tired (their play sessions only last a few minutes, so they aren’t allowed to practice any bad behavior). They follow each other around and cuddle and just enjoy being around each other. A perfect friend to spend time with during her trip.

It sounds like Bailey had lovely weather during her stay and never had a bad meal. She had plenty of company and a lot of love from Grandma and Grandpa.

When we picked her up, she seemed refreshed and happy and ready to get back to life in Chicago.

To me, it sounded like the perfect vacation.

What do you think? Do dogs vacation? Please share your dog’s vacation stories here.


    1. Sliddell says:

      Love the blog. Of course as Bailey’s “Grandma” I am prejudiced, but she did have a great time
      and we loved having her. I thing all dogs enjoy a change of scenery and a “vacation” of their own.

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