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The Pains of Leaving the Pooch

Author: Nicolette Meyer | Date: November 5, 2012

In a few days, for the first time since I’ve had Otis in my life, I’m leaving him at home and going on vacation. We’ve never left him before, any place that we’ve traveled we’ve been able to take him with us and while I’m so excited to go to our tropical destination, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss him and worry about him until we return. I do not have children, but I imagine that’s what most parents feel like when their kids go anywhere without them. Even though we’ll be witnessing amazing sunsets, swimming in the ocean (in November!) and enjoying the perks an of all-inclusive resort, not having my little buddy around will be a somewhat of a bummer.

There are so many options available to people traveling without their pets these days that it can make your head spin.

From boarding facilities, to house sitting, in-home care options, and even a new service that’s essentially a dog-swap (you leave your pup with someone while you’re away and then at a later time that person leaves their pup with you) the choices that pet owners have is far and wide. A simple Google search of “pet sitting and boarding” will pull up thousands of hits!

It’s hard leaving your pup behind, though, especially when he or she is somewhat high-maintenance like mine is. There’s a laundry list of things for me to worry about and wonder if he’s being taken care of “correctly” and this is coming from someone who works in the petcare industry! Seriously, I arrange and schedule the care of other people’s pets for a living. And although before this, I understood the worries and concerns of the pet parents that my company services, it is now that I fully relate to them. Working for Out-U-Go! it is my duty to communicate with dog and cat owners about the services that we provide, to assure them that their animal will be well taken care of while they are away – be it at work or on vacation – and to make sure that our staff follows through on those assurances and live up to the owners’ expectations. So what’s my problem? I see dogs being well cared for day after day, why am I so worried?!

Having someone else gain access to your home and care for your dog requires a huge amount of trust, and in today’s world it can be hard to trust people sometimes. This is the core issue that most people have with petcare services. Maybe they had a bad experience in the past, or maybe they just think that no one can love their pet quite like they can. While I’m inclined to agree with that last part in regards to my dog, deep down I know that Otis will have a great time with our house sitter and dog walker while we’re gone. I’m sure that he’s going to be well cared for and so excited to see us when we return from our trip.

I just need to relax, take a deep breath, and relish the thought of not having to pick up poop for a few days.


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