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Cabin Fever

Author: Andrea Obey | Date: December 14, 2012

Some dogs adjust well to the harsh winter months and really enjoy getting out in the snow and colder weather.  Dogs like Newfoundlands, Siberian Huskies and Swiss Mountain Dogs were even bred to excel in it. But other dogs aren’t really meant to deal with the snow and chilly weather.  Your Boxer, Chihuahua or Pit Mix may not even want to go outside some days.  And if you have a puppy or senior dog, going out in severe weather for a long walk really isn’t the best idea.  So, what can you do to prevent cabin fever?

Aside from bundling up our more fur-challenged dogs, here are some ideas and products to keep them enriched and entertained while indoors.

It will most likely help you too!

  • Build Something: Build your own work of architecture with your dog.
  • Food Dispensing Toys: I’m sure we all have them but we probably put them in a box or basket somewhere during the summer.  Check under the couch!  Better yet, check out some of the newer products on the market.  They have toys for cats, too!  There is of course Kong for the wobbly, rubber toys  and the super cool and tricky puzzles by Nina Ottosson.  On a budget?  You can easily make some puzzles for your dog with a box.  Close and seal the box, make some holes in it on any or all sides big enough to have kibble fall out, fill it with kibble and let them figure it out.  A few tips on this:  1) Safety first.  Don’t do this if you think your dog with eat the box.  That’s not the object of the game.  2)  Don’t make it so difficult they get frustrated.  You can start small by putting a few pieces of kibble in an open box, then gradually move to putting kibble on the floor and covering with the box, then graduating to something a little more challenging.  Be creative!
  • Games: I really like the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher Toys and their tug toys.  If you’ve got a little room in the house, this looks like a blast!
  • Bake Cookies and Treats: Okay, you can bake human cookies, but why not some cookies for your dog or cat?  Please check with your vet first on some of the ingredients, especially if your dog or cat has food allergies. Here are some recipes to try: Good Dog Cookies, 5 Dog Treat Recipes that Kids Can Make and Cat Treats.

Be safe and have fun with your put this winter.

What activities do you like to do indoors with your pet?  Have you found any new fun toys you’d like to share with us here?


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