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European Dogs

Author: Erin Schneider | Date: December 11, 2012

Whenever I travel, I tend to observe not only people, but also dogs. My husband and I were in London and Paris in November for vacation. I love Europe! I also love European dogs.

Not that American dogs aren’t great, but Europeans just have a different attitude about dogs.

I observed a lot of dogs while we were in Paris. Most of the dogs were on leash and walked very nicely next to their owners. I never saw any sort of aggression from these dogs and I didn’t see as much anxiety as I see in some dogs in the US. I don’t know how to explain it, but the dogs just seemed more calm and relaxed, even when being surrounded by very busy streets and traffic.

One thing I especially love about Europe is that they allow dogs in restaurants. You can of course have your dog join you al fresco, but there are plenty of dogs (both big and small) who accompanied their owner inside the restaurant. They would just hang out under the table and you wouldn’t notice them unless they got up to leave. Nobody seemed annoyed by their presence and none of the dogs were being disruptive. I never saw an owner feed their dog from the table. The dogs were all very well behaved and relaxed. It just made me think how much I wish Bailey was there with us. She would love to join us at restaurants and see all the sights.

After I left, I got to thinking about why other countries appear more relaxed about dogs than the US. I am not saying it is good or bad, just different. If it were up to me, every place would allow dogs… well not every place, but close to it. But I guess that is why I am not in public office.

What are your thoughts? Should dogs be allowed to join their owner in restaurants and other public places?


    1. Beaglelove says:

      I would love if dogs were able to come inside restaurants! I always want my dogs to be with me, especially when I’m out to have a bite of food. I wish I didn’t have to leave them at home as much. Perhaps it can be limited to causal places and not fine dining establishments though.

    2. Lilablue says:

      i would love it, but my lab puppy is a spazzz and would not sit still for long. it would be stressful. also, i have two friends with children who are allergic to dogs.

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