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Giving your Recall a Bump

Author: Alison Spanner | Date: December 18, 2012

Pull out a dog treat and look at it.  Maybe it is about quarter sized and hopefully fairly smelly and soft.  Imagine giving your dog this treat whole. He gulps it down and is on his merry way.  Sure he enjoys it, the treat satisfies his immediate desires and is enjoyable to eat.

Now, imagine taking this treat and ripping it up into very small pieces.

Instead of one gulp and done, you feed the treat in pieces to him over a 30 second period.  He gets bite after tasty bite and all the while you are telling him what a good boy he is and how much you love him.  The result?  Same amount of food went in, but your pup’s experience of getting a treat was much MUCH more rewarding.  He might find himself wondering what he did to deserve so many treats.  Little does HE know it was just one treat!

So, test this out. Next time you ask your dog to come to you, take that one treat and feed it to him in tiny little pieces over 30 seconds.  Even go so far as to count to yourself so you are certain to take your time.  Then send him off to play again. Repeat this exercise over several sessions and you will see your dog more willing to come when called then ever before!

How do you practice recall with your dog?


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