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Psycho Dog

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: January 7, 2013

In my family, my dog’s nickname is “Psycho Dog”. That’s because Eddy is not good with other dogs. In fact, if given the opportunity he could seriously harm any dog that crossed his path. In order to manage this, I don’t take Eddy on walks very often. We have a huge yard, so he gets plenty of exercise. Plus Eddy doesn’t really like to be outdoors, so he is always the first one in the house.

This reactivity has always bothered me about Eddy. I would like to be able to take him for a walk everyday, no matter what the time (to ensure we don’t run into other dogs). I want to take him to work with me, no matter what day it is (to ensure he’s the only dog in the office).

I want him to be a “normal dog”.

Now that the holidays are over, I’m hearing more stories from family and friends about how stressful this time of year is on their dogs. Guests coming and going, people hugging, new food smells, so many hands coming to pet you: this is all out of the norm for a dog. I’ve also heard about dogs eating tree skirts, knocking down or eating the tree, taking all the holiday cookies for themselves and the list goes on. It’s madness.

All of this made me realize just how good a dog Eddy really is. He has never tried to eat the Christmas tree or steal the holiday cookies. He doesn’t panic when we move the house all around, and he doesn’t even care when we have 40 people in the house coming and going, drinking and eating. If he doesn’t want you to pet him he will go and sit in another room, and if he does want some attention, he will comes right up to you and ask for it. He doesn’t bark when the doorbell rings or when people come into the house. He doesn’t jump on people, he doesn’t cower or freak out. He doesn’t guard his toys or food and he’s really very good about knowing his own limits. Like I said, if he doesn’t like what’s happening in the room, he just leaves.

So yes, Eddy is a bit of a psycho dog when it comes to other canines, but we really do have a great dog. Of all the crazy things he could do, I’ll take him the way he is.

What do you accept about your own dog? Share your thoughts here in the comments section.


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