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What Dog Device is your Must-Have?

Author: Paulette Solinski | Date: June 12, 2013

In a recent issue of Food Network magazine, many well-known chefs were asked “What is the one kitchen device you can’t live without? Not one but two chefs picked something called a Microplane zester, which is apparently essential if you have a fresh nutmeg emergency.

I decided to ask the same question of a number of pet professionals: What is the one dog-related thing you can’t live without?

The group was almost evenly split into two main categories but a slight majority of people picked things that helped control dogs, like leather leashes. Others opted for Gentle Leaders and front hook no-pull harnesses – things that provide even more help when walking a dog. I am torn between the Sensation front hook harness or what is called a “traffic leash”.  It is a leash with a handle near the collar, which is great for animal assisted therapy!

The second category was things that engage your dog, especially when they are left alone.  The two favorites were Kongs and puzzle toys. Trust dog people to know that a busy dog is a good dog!

And of course there were the random selections. Two of the more socially responsible among us picked poop bags, for example. Crates and baby gates also made the list.

It is obvious that this is a very subjective question, so what is the one dog related item you can’t live without?


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