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On the Road Again

Author: Lindsay Rapp | Date: June 3, 2013

I am planning a month-long trip to Italy this summer.  As a business owner, you’d think I’d be worried about leaving for such a long period of time, but I have an amazing staff, so I am 100% confident that my business will be fine without me.

I’m more concerned about my three dogs.

I am a worrier. I always think the worst, like plane crashes, etc. So in order to enjoy my vacation and not worry about my dogs, I need to know that they are being taken care of just as I would take care of them.  That’s why I called Out U Go.

OUGOut U Go is a dog walking/sitting company that services pets all over Chicago (as well as Denver and Boulder). I use them for both services. I really love the house sitting because a sitter stays at my house and cares for my dogs. It can be stressful for dogs when their owners leave, so keeping them in their own environment really helps. Their routines don’t change: in fact, they get the same cuddles on the couch each night just as they would if I was home. I also like the fact there is movement in my home. Plants are watered, mail is picked up, lights are on. Plus, I don’t need to pay an additional person to come and check on the cat.

When thinking about everything you get from an in-home sitter, it’s SO worth it.  I know I will be enjoying my trip knowing my dogs are the safe hands of Jerry, my OUG sitter. He will also send me pictures and texts with updates on how everyone is doing. I will miss them so much, but take comfort in knowing they will be living the good life at home!

Have you used an in-home pet sitting service? What did you think?


They TRULY care about you and your dog rather than some of the factory like dog training operations throughout the city.

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