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Game Time

Author: Erin Schneider | Date: July 3, 2013

The other night my husband and I were enjoying a quiet evening at home, when all of a sudden we heard cheering from our downstairs neighbors. My husband and I just looked over to each other and said “the Blackhawks must have won.” Our dog, Bailey, didn’t move from her spot on the floor.

With the recent Blackhawks win, it got me thinking. How does your dog participate in televised sports?

In my house, football is the sport of choice. We are actually huge Packers fans (don’t hold it against us, Bears fans). My dog is actually quite the football fan, or so I like to think. We typically have a bunch of our friends over for football viewing parties and Bailey is in on the action. She does tend to watch the TV when the game is on and of course will leap into action when a good play happens, which is usually followed by a loud cheer from the human spectators.

I don’t imagine that all dogs are quite so excited to participate in this human activity. I know many a dog that hides in another room during sports games. Usually it is because they are nervous around all the yelling and screaming at the TV screen or because they don’t like big crowds of people at their house.

There are also the dogs that could care less about anything going on on the TV screen.

How does your dog handle televised sporting events?

Please share your stories and we would love to see photos of your dog dressed up in sporting gear posted to our Facebook page.


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