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Hangout with Us to Learn about Tellington TTouch®

Author: Andrea Miller | Date: July 17, 2013

Tellington TTouch® is one of those things you kind of have to see to believe. I assisted one of AnimalSense’s very first TTouch classes with Chicagoland’s only Certified TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals Betsy Lane years ago. I watched a group of anxious dogs be transformed into calm, relaxed beings that were comfortable being touched all over their bodies by their pet parents.

This gentle training method uses touch to improve focus, build calm confidence and foster mutual respect between you and your dog.

It helps dogs of all ages, breeds and activity levels but is especially helpful for anxious dogs who bark, whine, cower, pant, lick, chew, spin, pace or hide.

If this sounds intriguing, join us for a live Google+ Hangout this Thursday, July 18 from 12pm-12:30pm CDT as our trainers welcome Betsy for a panel discussion on TTouch and its benefits. You can submit your questions to our G+ page and we’ll answer them during the broadcast. If you have other plans for your lunch break, the recording will be available on our G+ page after the broadcast.

If you are already convinced TTouch could help your furry friend, join us for one of our upcoming workshops:

Do you have experience with TTouch? Share your thoughts here.



I have worked with many of the trainers who are part of the AnimalSense team. They are wonderful!

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