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Your Dog Sits, but Will He Stand?

Author: Greg Raub | Date: July 19, 2013

When the summer weather gets too oppressive for a long walk, you can still spend time with your dog and exercise indoors… mentally.  Why not stay in the air conditioning and teach your dog a new skill?

Nearly every dog owner wants to teach Sit and Down. They are basic behaviors we teach in many of our classes.

But there is a third position you might want to try: Stand.

Stand is not something a lot of us teach our dogs, but it can be a very useful behavior. If you have taught your dog Sit and Down, it can also be pretty easy.

From either a Sit or Down, the process is the same:

  1. Lure your dog up onto all fours. Hold a treat to his nose, pull the treat up and away.
  2. Mark the behavior. As soon as your dog is on all fours, use your marker word (good, yes, etc.) to let him know he’s done the right thing.
  3. Reinforce the behavior. Give him the treat you’ve just used to lure.

After you have done these simple steps a few times, you can add the cue word “Stand.” Just say the word as you start the lure step.

Why go to the effort to teach your dog to Stand on cue? Here are three very practical uses for this behavior:

  • You can ask your dog to stand for brushing.
  • You can ask your dog to stand for bathing.
  • You can ask your dog to stand for the vet.

Plus, if your dog gets really good at this, you can ask him for a whole series of body position changes. Wouldn’t it impress your friends if you could say sit-stand-sit-down-stand and have your dog quickly move through the whole pattern?

There are lots of things you can do with your dog indoors on these hot summer days.  How are you and your dog coping with the heat?


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