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Winning Eddy Over

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: August 8, 2013

This is my dog Eddy laying next to me while I go for a run on my treadmill. I know this doesn’t sound like anything amazing, but actually, it is.

You see, Eddy, was my husband David’s dog.

The two of them lived without me for almost six years before I moved in, and Eddy will always be a Daddy’s Boy. If David and I are in two different rooms, Eddy is always with him. If we’re all in the house together and David leaves, Eddy jumps from room to room, in a panic for about 5 minutes. If I go in the basement for a run and David is home, there is no way Eddy is going with me.

Until last week. That day started out like any other day. I woke up. I got dressed to go for a run, and I went to put on my shoes. Instead of Eddy staying on the couch with David, he followed me. This had happened before, and after about ten minutes of watching me on the treadmill, Eddy regrets his decision and tries to get back into our apartment. However, on this day, he stayed with me for an hour and half! All he did was sleep, but just having him stay with me was a giant leap.

As a dog professional, I could give you a hundred reasons why this happened. It finally clicked: all my training, hand-feeding and general bonding time has finally paid off. I could have also smelled like something delicious that day, and when he realized nothing was going on, he determined it was too much energy to go up the stairs. Honestly, I would like to just be a dog owner at this moment. The dog I live with, the one I feed, take out, make sure has plenty of water and love, that dog, finally likes me. I don’t need a reason. I’ll just be happy with the outcome.

Was there ever a moment when you “won” your dog over? Share it here!


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