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Living with Dogs

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: September 12, 2013

My mentor once told me, “You can never really know a dog unless you live with him.” I believe this is true. You know when your dog is comfortable, stressed, hungry and everything in between, even without knowing anything about dog behavior.

You live with this creature and you begin to create a “common language”.

As you might have read in a previous blog, I do the occasional bit of dog sitting. Summer is the busiest time, and I spend most of it living at other people’s houses, living with their dogs. I used to think I see what the owners see. This isn’t especially true as I have no bond with these dogs. The first time I sit for them, they know me, but not the way they know and trust their owners. I will never be bonded to them that way, but I do bond with them in my own way.

I always try to bond with the dog when I’m taking care of them.

Sometimes I hand feed or train them for a small amount of time. I like to just sit with them and observe their behavior. It all helps me to understand the dog I’m living with for a few days. It also helps to establish a routine. I try to stick to each dog’s normal schedule but sometimes that doesn’t work. It’s all about learning to live with each other well.

I do this stuff with my own dog, and it helps form a symbiotic relationship.

What do you do with your dog to bond and really get to know them?


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